Visit Us Crafty People in the d.b.a. Courtyard- Sat 12.14.13!



Please come join me as I enter the hand-made, artisan fray at the d.b.a. Courtyard Craft Fair for the first time ever.

Yes, my brass and gold jewelry will be there, as will my line of Re-Jeweled soft wearable art pieces. Bracelets, rings – regular and top knuckle styles, necklaces. Perhaps some earrings.  I also will have on hand for purchase a range of hand-sewn vintage kantha quilts from India, beautiful as throws for a sofa or chair, as wraps for when reading in bed or watching TV or just as bedspreads or draped on the corner of a bed.

Drop by for holiday gifts for almost everyone on your list. If you can’t find gifts from me, then you’ll be sure to find from another artist showing her or his wares! And if you’re already done with all your Chanukah and Christmas gift shopping, then I hate you. Joking! But at least come by for a drink anyway.

See you in two Saturdays!


Artist Maria Moyer’s Friday:5ive Reveal

Maria Moyer, snapped by author/photographer Leslie Williamson of the “Handcrafted Modern” and T-Magazine’s “People Watching” blog.

A childhood spent amidst the beaches of Southern California ingrained Maria Moyer with a loving respect for ocean landscapes and sea organisms, lending her work as a sculptor and jeweler inspiration from the “exquisite weirdness of nature,” a sensibility that imbues her overall work as an artist. From the opportunity to dissect an 18-foot beached squid at 11 years old under the tutelage of her professor, to an iconic meeting with Dr. Jane Goodall years later where she was able to present the doctor with a “thank you” porcelain rose, Maria’s intersections with nature and the world at large always have created magic.

Now, inhabiting realms between Oakland, CA and New York City, NY, Maria’s work melds both corporate and art, both nature and man’s worlds. When not creating beautiful, tactile sculpture and jewelry, Continue reading

Last Vestiges of Summer

 This was the day that everywhere I looked, there was a feather. Jogging. Walking. In yoga the instructor said to spread our wings. The universe was preparing me to fly.
Happiness is a bright summer dress, Part Two. Hanging outside the cool jewelry boutique, The Shape of Lies.
 Industry of All Nations makes Happiness a bright pair of fall jeans — colorful, naturally-dyed (with

bugs and plants!) selvage denim for men from fall 2011. They use a dye house from India that eliminates petrochemicals and eco-contamination. Industry’s motto: “In the globalized world there is no place like home.”

Black-and-white be-winged beauty on friends’ butterfly bush.
 The annual Tompkins Square Park pink lilies that come up just in time to commemorate with us the anniversary of our Lily’s loss.
Happiness is a bright dress, Part III, to walk the dog in.
Finally? Follow your own footsteps to the path you need, desire + deserve.

Happy Birthday to Vera of VERAMEAT!

The wacky world of VERAMEAT is taking a bite of the Big Apple this month. The East Village, to be exact.

We just happened upon the cool new East 9th Street boutique as the lovely Vera Balyura and her staff were hosting a hip birthday bash tonight for the jewelry designer, replete with DJ and store discount. At Vera’s side was her little mascot, the adorable Fred Meat, an Affenpinscher who is tinier than Mignon and waaaay cute.

I pointed out several necklaces and rings to Philippo — yes, hopefully with my name on them — such as the Presto or Lucky key necklace, the Vampire Duster (two-finger) ring, and the Beekeeper Centaur necklace, online. Anyone who knows me knows vampires and centaurs are two of my favorite things. Well, they’re a few of them….wink, wink.

Vera does a delicious narrative to accompany each piece on, delving into the history, the desires, the inspirations of a design. Click on and have fun. I highly recommend losing yourself in a few of the figments of her imagination.

Then go ahead. Take a bite out of grime. And beautify yourself, your surroundings with her eccentric and beautiful brass, copper, silver or gold oddities!