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In Roger Charles New York in Esquire's Fall 2011 Black Book

Kevin wearing Roger Charles New York, his previous shirt collection, shot for Esquire’s Fall 2011 Black Book.

You might catch Kevin Stewart scowling through his beard, coffee in one hand, cigar in the other, as he contemplates life in the thick of stylish SoHo. He’s not mad. He’s just taking it all in. And if you couldn’t recognize him by his beard, you’d know him by the cut of his jacket, the fit of his vest, his swag of his pocket watch fob, and most likely, the tilt of his hat.

Kevin Stewart in Distinct Homme

Kevin captured for an issue of Distinct Homme. Photographer: Alejandro Garcia

Or maybe by the fact that my dear friend, this former fashion editor for magazines such as Details Magazine, Gear, ESPN whom I’ve known since our days cavorting around Milan, Florence and Paris, back during the twice-annual men’s wear runway shows), has his own meme – Professor Badass! as snapped by Scott Schulman for The Sartorialist in 2008. The picture was captioned, went viral and the badass was born. Crazy, right?!

Kevin, a.k.a. Professor Badass

Kevin, a.k.a. Professor Badass. The original photo was shot by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist.

Like his meme, Kevin is never one to walk away from a stare down with anything. He

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Stiggly Holistics’ Sacha Jones is Out to Change the World – One Crinoline at a Time!

Sacha on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
To market, to market! Sacha Jones on her bike, photo by Bill Cunningham
I was tempted to open today’s post with a shot of a big, juicy greenie drink. You know the kind I like – the ones I love most are made with lots and lots of kale!

That’s ‘cuz (after a short hiatus, FashionWhirled’s Friday:5ive is ba-a-a-a-a-ck!) we’re featuring my favorite certified holistic wellness counselor, Sacha Jones. Sacha is the owner  Continue reading

Our Friday:5ive: the Stylish Michael Crooks

One of the nicest gents I’ve met in my many recent menswear sojourns out and about, from our MensWearNetwork gatherings to AskMen Academy evenings, Mike Crooks is the real dapper deal. Hailing from Atlanta – yes, he’s got that Southern Charm, alright – Mike is as sweet as he is fashionable. FashionWhirled was able to nail him down for his astute and educated take on stylish dressing, his haberdashery choices and, naturally, his unique way of rocking a bow tie and no socks.

FashionWhirled:   What role does fashion and style play in your everyday personal life? You are one sharply dressed dude; what is your creative process for dressing everyday? For dressing for a special occasion?

Mike with Michael Arguella and me

Michael Crooks:  This answer has probably been recycled more than once, but for me, style is more important than fashion. Fashion denotes a current trend Continue reading

Blackmail Atelier’s Gail Chovan on FW’s Friday:5ive

I fell in love the last time I visited Austin. Yep, right there under P’s distracted eye – he was mostly at the Grand Prix racetrack that weekend, anyway. Sure, I brought back some mementos of that love, although they seem to make me that much more aware of the miles between me and my new addiction.  I’ve got one more fix, a delivery coming, hopefully, today. I’m counting down the hours. But I’m jonesing for the coolness I found there and not sure when I’ll get to embrace it again.

Blackmail Atelier

You might say I’ve been “Blackmailed,” enthralled and intoxicated by the exotic fashion world of Blackmail Atelier, whose owner/designer Gail Chovan I met recently through my dear friend Jeannie (you may remember her as The Unlikely Lavender Queen). Gail is a funny, multi-talented, strikingly beautiful blonde with a style penchant for, naturellement, the noir. Occupying a little spot of heaven on South Congress Street, her Blackmail Atelier boutique is based in an old 1889 mercantile storefront, the oldest building on SoCo. It may actually embody the ultimate crossroads of where Coolness meets Couture.

Blackmail Atelier owner/designer Gail Chovan, photo by Todd V. Wolfson

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Jiva-Apoha Founder Angela Shore Gives us a Friday:5ive

You’ve heard us gush over Angela Shore before, here on FashionWhirled. Both she and her amazing Jiva-Apoha line of natural beauty and health products – fabulously scented, organic moisturizing oils, for face, for body – are the real deal. Down to earth. Naturally based. Grounded in the right stuff. Full of light + life. Spiritual + loving. Beautiful.

Thank goodness we’ve gotten the opportunity to gush about her again! Yes, we’ve gotten the “High 5” from her: she’s today’s  Friday:5ive feature. Please read on and be illuminated. We certainly were!

Angela Shore Photo by Liz Von Hoene

FashionWhirled:  As a young model, fashion must have been an early focus in your life! What role does fashion or style play in Continue reading’s Armando Gomez is FashionWhirled’s Friday:5ive

Armando Gomez is certainly the international man about town when it comes to fashion and style.  Based in Montreal of Spanish descent, the AskMen‘s advertising and promotions manager travels often, with brief sojourns for various events in the U.S., particularly Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Those trips have come fast and hard recently, especially ever since he initiated the AskMen Academy, a style series with, as he says, “a curated guest list of top influencers & tastemakers of must-experience events dedicated to helping guys look better, live better & know better.”

AskMen’s Armando Gomez

I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Armando ever since the last AskMen Academy event at the Dream Hotel, where he told me I had this fabulous aura, this glow, that emanated from my very being! Now, that’s flattery! Finally, FashionWhirled had the good fortune to catch up with Armando this past week at Continue reading

Artist Maria Moyer’s Friday:5ive Reveal

Maria Moyer, snapped by author/photographer Leslie Williamson of the “Handcrafted Modern” and T-Magazine’s “People Watching” blog.

A childhood spent amidst the beaches of Southern California ingrained Maria Moyer with a loving respect for ocean landscapes and sea organisms, lending her work as a sculptor and jeweler inspiration from the “exquisite weirdness of nature,” a sensibility that imbues her overall work as an artist. From the opportunity to dissect an 18-foot beached squid at 11 years old under the tutelage of her professor, to an iconic meeting with Dr. Jane Goodall years later where she was able to present the doctor with a “thank you” porcelain rose, Maria’s intersections with nature and the world at large always have created magic.

Now, inhabiting realms between Oakland, CA and New York City, NY, Maria’s work melds both corporate and art, both nature and man’s worlds. When not creating beautiful, tactile sculpture and jewelry, Continue reading

Artist and Designer Jason Miller – FW’s Friday:5ive

I fell in love with Jason Miller‘s studio work when I supposed to profile him in the launch issue of a debuting gift-centric magazine. The article never happened, but I — on a whim — asked if he’d partake in one of FashionWhirled’s upcoming Friday:5ive features. He acquiesced and are we ever the grateful blogger on this end!

Jason Miller, the artist

His artwork is whimsical and enduring. Plates, like these below, caught my eye immediately. Called “Seconds,” they are a pun (my favorite form of humor) on multiple levels, visually as well as verbally.

Jason Miller Dinner Plate Set, “Seconds”

This Brooklyn-ite founded the Jason Miller Studio in 2001, and has enjoyed solo shows worldwide, from Istanbul to Milan to Miami. In 2010, the Brooklyn Museum named him “Designer of the Year,” and his work remains a part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Arts and Design, the Corning Museum of Glass and the Brooklyn Museum. As a compliment to his studio, Jason recently formed Roll & Hill, a contemporary lighting company producing work by a select group of designers, with Jason as the Creative Director and CEO.

FashionWhirled:  As an artist, what role does fashion or style play in your everyday life, personally and as a product designer? How does your personal style inspire your designs for Jason Miller Studio overall? For individual collections, such as “Daydreams?” (i.e., it seems you have a tenacious personal style of design!)

Jason Miller “Daydreams” mirror

Jason Miller: I have to say I have fantasies of refining my wardrobe to such a degree, that there are no choices left to make. I’d love to whittle it down to the perfect pair of jeans (APC), the perfect blue button-down shirt (still undecided) and the perfect pair of shoes (Vans, different styles according to season). In practice it’s not quite as dogmatic, however, I think the process of refinement is very similar to how I like to approach my work.

FW:  Your artwork and product pieces range from furniture to gift objects to tableware; I think my favorite pieces are your porcelain “Little Gift” and your “Seconds” dinner plates! What inspires you during your creative process? How would you describe your creative process? (It seems humor plays a big part in your designs…).

Jason Miller “Little Gift” porcelain cupcake

JM:  The two products you mention, Little Gift and Seconds, both came from a show I did in 2005 called “Ok As Is.” I was working with a specific idea about personal spaces that are outside of public view, such as the basement or garage. I am working with different ideas now, however, this is typical of how I like to work. That is, I like to think of a larger idea about living and then design pieces that fit within that framework.

FW:  Who would you say acts as your muse? Why and how do they inspire you?

JM:  I think I have finally gotten to a point in my career where I am confident enough in what I am doing that I can be self-directed. There are of course, millions of things out there that I find inspiring, however, I think my days of looking towards a muse are over. For now at least…

FW:  If you could have any notable individual — dead or alive — purchase Jason Miller pieces and use them within their home, who would it be and why? How would you change their home or decorating or home accessorizing style and why?

JM:  Someone once told me that an installation I made looked “very Tom Ford.” I can’t think of someone who I would rather have interested in my products.

Designer Tom Ford from the documentary by Alex Folzi

FW:  What words of wisdom or inspiration, or daily affirmation do you live by, or at least strive to live by? And what legacy do you hope to leave to the future and why?

JM:  I hope people will simply think “Jason Miller was a good designer” when I’m gone. That is why I constantly ask myself, “Can this be done better?”

Jason Miller wooly chair of bison hide

Loup Charmant Fashion Designer Kee Edwards: FW’s Friday:5ive

It seems as though I’ve known Kee Edwards — the multi-talented visionary behind the airy organic cotton collection, Loup Charmant — all my life. She could be the blonde twin sister I always dreamed of having during my childhood. The one who got me, really got me (of course, she really does get me in real life). The one who would grab you gently by the hand and drag you down to make mud pies at the edge of the ocean’s waves on a sunny summer’s day or play paper doll dress up in the dust-infused light of the floral wallpapered attic, all while holding an enlightened conversation about the origin of the world. Of love. Of light. Of ourselves.

the positive kee edwards

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