Walter, a Full Moon and the Empire Hotel Roof

Designer Walter Baker, right, greeted guests Monday evening during his lovely rooftop presentation atop the Empire Hotel near Lincoln Center as though welcoming them to his own home. And the scene was so relaxed, it could’ve been. The moon was full, the weather was temperate, the view and setting stunning and the fashion right on-trend.
Models informally strolled through the gatherers, then took their spots on raised blocks. Walter, the collection, hit on most of all the top Spring 2012 themes, with sheer, diaphanous layers, long over short, shine and shimmer and the hot geranium hue of the season. Cropped jackets added modern zest, dimension and proportion play.
Fun and flirty, Walter already is a fav of stylish celebs like Rihanna, Keri Russell, Nicole Richie, Leighton Meester and other pop culture stars who are fast followers. Feminine tops embellished with embroidery and shine — paired with short leather shorts or skinny slouchy pants — and long, flowy sheer dresses were just some of the looks that probably will be making their way from the runway to the Red Carpet a mere few moons from now.

 The rooftop ambience, below, was the perfect venue for fashion, nestled among the Lincoln Center high-rises.