Getting a Scents of Fashion Week

A mere week before New York Fashion Week kicks into gear (offsite shows start today, with MBFW’s Lincoln Center tents’ venue runway-ready tomorrow), Elements Showcase, last week’s scent trade show held Monday and Tuesday on 10th Avenue, felt more like a gallery crawl, as essential oils, candles and soaps affected a decidely artistic, even artisanal attitude. An elegant venue, the showcase highlighted exhibitors for press and buyers in what turned out to be a very serene, low key staging.
Wild crafting was the term du jour, as exhibitors spoke of essential oils, plant life and foraging. Even the skin care product line Liftlab Skin Regeneration focused on nature and plants, touting the scientific discovery of animal and plant life ability to protect themselves from a harsh environment with a secret protein that the company is pioneering as a way to combat “progressive aging.” Yes, please, sign me up!

Belle Fleur‘s new classic floral scented soaps, above, and its latest, the beautiful regal rose candle collection, below.
 The requisite barbershop. Seems like every trade show recently has been offering straight edge shaves. Why is it the guys always luck out?!

 Boadicea the Victorious‘ alluring bottle is finished with British pewter engraved with Celtic knot work.

Andrea Maack created a wall of her artwork, cut into perfume test strips, which were then sprayed with the viewer’s favorite scent or combo’d layering. Each was signed and numbered.

 Cire Trudon‘s gorgeous atomizer lent Old World charm.
One of Joya‘s beautiful special edition scents; they also create slip-cast porcelain for perfume oil, candles and soap trays.
21 drops‘ portable aromatherapy addressed insomnia, digestive issues and cravings, all in a cute building block packaging.