Duckie Brown at Work

Work it!
Duckie Brown designers Steven Cox and Daniel Silver gave us Super Duckie this season and it was all about their DB man at work, with plenty of options for autumn/winter 2012: go subtle and slim or loud, exploded and voluminous. And, of course, always wear a pant silhouette that makes a statement.
Tweedy black and white or dark charcoal suits were pulled in and slender with peg legged trousers sewn with “messed up” twisted inseams or rounded, dropped crotches accentuating dressy lace up Florsheims. Three-button jackets were worn over super-sized “circular” pants with side pleats that floated over the tops of the models’ shoes. Exploded plaid overcoats copped a colorful attitude, while work shirts and Fair Isle sweaters were equally bold and graphic. 
There was lots of hair and hat-titude, with many looks topped with a Robert Smith-style wig, knit cap or a Mongolian shearling hat, as well as sweater gloves that came up to the elbows of suit sleeves. Well played, that work thing.